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11 Facts about me:

1) My favorite food is coffee.  

2) I have dual passports and I'm not afraid to use them. 

3) I have two graduate degrees in the forensic sciences.  I don't really use those anymore. 

4)  Originally from California, but have lived in Colorado, Australia, England, and Bosnia, and of course, the DMV (District/Maryland/Virginia). 

5) Amateur welder and seamstress, professional guacamole and grilled cheese maker. 

6) After an enthusiastic run, I quit drinking in 2016.  Diet tonic forever! 

7) Have traveled to over 30 countries and my favorite destination is the next one on the list!

8) I like making lists.

9) ....I lose a lot of lists.  Make more lists!

10) I live with the husband and three high maintenance street dogs . 

11) Obsessed with travel, direct flights, and inspiring people to tackle that bucket list by actively working on mine.   They don't get shorter on their own, people! 

(For more details on the #DFTD project, click here!)

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