Hello!  Let me guess – you work downtown, your commute is 60 minutes long on a good day, and you never go anywhere new or fun anymore.  Wait, maybe you went to Ocean City last year for the weekend.   Sometimes while sitting on I-66 or I-495 you wonder, “What the hell am I doing with my life?”

I was exactly the same. As an intrepid traveler in my 20s, I was dismayed to find myself at 35 with no energy or time to travel like I once did.

‘Adulting’ in Washington, DC left zero time for adventures abroad because the majority of my waking hours were spent either working or commuting.   My husband and I would struggle to visit our husband’s once a year and maybe get away for a weekend occasionally.   

It was an unfulfilling existence. And that’s what it was, merely existing. Cue nervous breakdown massive life overhaul. (My police uniform was uber-unflattering anyways.) Now I write, blog, travel, build websites and help others do the same. Like you!

I launched Direct From the District in 2017. This website is DC-centric because 1) I live here and 2) the District-Maryland-Virginia area has a special flavor of workaholicism that I’d like to help combat, and 3) the DC-area is a fantastic travel base!   

So, if you want to escape the swamp this summer, we’ll be new best friends!  However, if you are just visiting DC from out of town, you’ll also find lots of ideas for day trips from the capital here.

The cornerstone of this blog is my goal of flying to every international destination served by one of the DC-airports. That’s what I call The DFTD Project.  However, that’s going to take me a few years, so domestic destinations and day trips around the DC-area will be included, too.

If you want to know more about my freelance writing or collaborate on a project, visit my portfolio at Clairita.com.

No matter what your budget or how insane your schedule is, adventure and wonder are still out there.  Let’s go find it!


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