2018 Travel Plans


2017's Travel (1).png

I read in a travel blogging forum recently about some bloggers hate the planning part of the work. What? That is not me.  I absolutely love musing over all the possibilities.  I definitely was carried away when I was working on 2018's travel plans, and had enough itineraries to take us through to 2025.   But since time nor finances are limitless resources, behold - the scaled down version.  

My travel goals for 2018:

  • Celebrating the husband’s birthday in Cancun, Mexico. This is will be second trip to Cancun (the first was 25 years ago!) Most excitingly it will be DFTD destination #2.  

  • Celebrating my birthday in Las Vegas and my first trip to the Grand Canyon.  

 Photo by  Francisco morais  on  Unsplash
  • Montreal (destination #3) and Quebec City for the Women in Travel Summit.

  • Brussels (destination #4) and Rotterdam for the Traverse 2018 conference.

 Rotterdam; Photo by  Rik van der Kroon  on  Unsplash

Rotterdam; Photo by Rik van der Kroon on Unsplash

  • Scuba diving in South Florida.
  • Catching up with family and friends in California
  • Husband’s dream trip to Paris (destination #5).

 Photo by  Darren Coleshill  on  Unsplash
  • New York’s Finger Lakes for TBEX North American conference.

  • And finally, a surprise trip for my mom. She's probably going to kill me. 

Let me know where you are going in 2018 in the comments!