Direct Flights From Any Airport

How to Research (the Cheapest) Direct Flights from Any Airport


Hate Layovers?

Me too.


That’s why I try to only fly direct and ultimately led to the creation of this blog.  These are the exact steps I take to research which direct routes are available from any airport, when they are available, and how much they cost.

Step 1: Where

Visit Flight Connections.  Enter the airport you wish to depart from.

This will generate a route map of all cities served by direct flights from the departure city you chose.

By hovering over the map with your mouse, the name of the city will be shown.

Note: If you prefer a list-view of potential destinations for easy reference, visit instead.

Click on one of the green boxes in the heading to select your departure city. A list of destinaitons served by that departure airport will be generated.

Step 2: When

Now that you know where you can fly direct, we need to check when. Many direct routes are only offered on specific days of the week or seasonally.

Go to Kvikr and enter in your departure and destination airports.  This will confirm the availability of direct flights between the two airports and show a calendar of the route frequency.

In this example, Kvikr is showing that nonstop flights between Washington (IAD) and Sint Maarten only take place on Saturdays, but seasonally.  There are no direct flights between IAD and SXM in January-March.  Note: Kvikr will only show you the next 6 months, for dates further out, see next section.

Step 3: How Much?

To continue our example of IAD->SXM, we know that to fly direct, we need to leave on a Saturday, in April, May or June.

Open Google Flights and type in your departure and arrival airports, and tentative dates, given the parameters we have learned (such as a Saturday departure and return date in May).  Change the Number of Stops filter to “nonstop”.

You should have at least one flight option returned in the results.

Now click on one of the dates you’ve entered to bring up the calendar view.  This will show you price differences between dates.

Note: Kvikr only returns the next 6 months of route schedules. By scrolling through the Google calendar, you will see up to 10 months of scheduled routes (and prices). In this example, I’ve scrolled to November, which shows seasonal flights are available on limited dates in the Fall as well as Spring/Summer.

You can click on “Price Graphs” to see price trends.  Select the dates/price combination that you prefer.

Click through the link to book your flight on the airline’s website, sign up for a pice change notification, or try to find a better price for the flight you selected on an airfare deal website.

That’s it, you’re done!  Enjoy your direct flight!